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It depends on the size of the project / website. It also depends on how quickly you can provide us with the required details. After evaluating your requirements we will advise how long it will take. Usually, its within 5 working days. We are determined to give you a rapid presence online.

Payment must be made in advance before any work can be done on your site. The balance is payable on delivery of completed site.

We will provide support for your website as agreed in our proposal document. Any requests outside this agreement will attract charges.

All websites we design and host for you will have a free SSL certificate for the first year of hosting. Thereafter an annual renewal fee may be applicable.


For each project we aim to understand your requirements. When your needs have been well understood and documented we come up with the technologies that will efficiently deliver on your requirements.

Where applicable or required we can produce a generic sample to aid the discussions regarding your requirements.


When your project requirements have been documented, we begin the process of planning for each feature and when or where it will be delivered during the project life cycle.

We then allocate skilled developers accordingly depending on the size and technological scope of the project. It is at this point that we are able to predict when the project will be completed.


Success comes from continuous communication with the client in order to obtain clarity and client approval for each feature being completed and delivered.

We have a very resourceful team that has the required experience to deliver web applications as per client requirements.

Let us give you an internet presence today.

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